Of course, I know it, preach it, and generally practice it in the important areas of my life. To which you appropriately ask…What is “it”?  It, expressed in my terminology, is the reality that we must “narrow our focus to broaden our impact.”

As I’ve taken time to assess the purpose, priority, and effectiveness of the growing mountain of activities I’ve allowed to creep into my life, including this blog, I’ve realized that I’ve wandered from the above principle. And, as a result, diminished the potential for any kind of worthwhile impact to you…the reader.

Here’s the reality…no blog, (not even one by a person as blatantly “full of it” as me…ha), can be about everything and be genuinely impacting. With this in mind, I’m going to limit my writing to those things that are on point with my God-given purpose, passions, and experiences in life and leadership.

In recent years, I’ve begun stating my purpose and passion as represented by one word…”CHANGE”! (This was the topic of my book, “Change Your Church for Good”; and it’s also the point of my regular column in Outreach Magazine called “Leading Change”).

However, for greater clarity, I’ve spelled out the four areas of change that I believe God has called me to, I’m passionate about, and, at least in my mind, are clearly interconnected to one another. They are: life change, leader change, church change, and culture change.

From now on you can expect this blog to focus on these areas. If they interest you, it’s my prayer that you’ll take the journey with me, personally benefit from it, and share it with others.

Michael DrewComment