June 4th, 2010

Great Leaders are Grateful and Encouraging


My time in Nigeria is now a memory, but it’s impact, on me personally and the thousands of leaders we had the privilege of teaching and challenging, continues.

One of the memories I will long cherish is the opportunity I had to spend with Pastor William Okoye.

He is the pastor of a very large, impacting, and influential church in Abujah, Nigeria. For nine years, he was the Chaplain to the President of Nigeria. Because of his commitment to unwavering integrity in a political environment more known for compromise, he won the admiration and respect of pastors and spiritual leaders from every spiritual background and denominational heritage. Now, he is seeking to use that influence to bring new life to the churches of Nigeria and ultimately profound change to the people, culture, and condition of his nation.

It was because of his leadership vision and influence that I had the privilege of sharing God’s truth and my passion for the church with so many leaders. It was both a pleasure and privilege to spend so much time with him over the past couple of weeks and even more to now count him as a friend.

Upon returning home, I received this letter from him.

Dear Brad,

So very appreciative of your unquantifiable sacrifice in coming to Nigeria to train Christian leaders in four major cities; Lagos,Port Harcourt,Owerri and Abuja. You were selfless and almost preached yourself to exhaustion.

Your revolutionary teachings on change made indeliable impact on all of us, including mainline denominations. (There are good reports in this respect).

Thank you also for giving us the right to reprint your book, without demanding any royalty on it. Thank you for your partnership, as we look forward to a changed Nigeria as a result.


William Okoye

Though I am the one who owes him gratitude and should be reaching out to encourage him in his courageous leadership, he wrote as an expression of gratitude and encouragement to me. As in all of his leadership, again here he reveals the character of a great leader. Great leaders are always grateful and encouraging. He truly is a great leader.

I pray my leadership will reflect the same kind of consistent and uncompromising character that he embodies and that I will impact other leaders as he has me and thousands of others in Nigeria.

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