August 28th, 2009



In May of this year I had the privilege of presenting 5 sessions at the Purpose Driven Conference with Rick Warren. I addressed the pressing issue facing churches and spiritual leaders here in the United States and around the world…the desperate need for leading “Change without Compromise.” It was unbelievably well received. One of the leaders in attendance at this event was William Okoye. After one of the sessions, William came up to me and invited me  to his country…Nigeria. He shared with me that the talks I gave were desperately needed in his country by many of its leaders. Though I didn’t understand at the time, I have since discovered the significance of William’s invitation. The church he pastors has over  100,000 people and he has tremendous influence in his country with spiritual and political leaders.

His invitation has opened an opportunity for me to join with a team to go and begin working and developing relationships with the key spiritual leaders in Nigeria. Because of my love for God’s Church around the world, I have accepted his invitation. I will be flying to Nigeria on September 2 for a 10 day opportunity to meet with these leaders in preparation of meetings to present the important principles of Change Without Compromise to thousands of spiritual leaders in 2010.

I’m certainly excited about the door that God has opened to build these relationships and to potentially help leaders in this country. Though many don’t know much about Nigeria, it is a very important country on the continent of Africa. In fact, many say that “as Nigeria goes so goes Africa.”

I would covet your prayers as I take this journey and represent God’s Truth and power as we’ve experienced it at NorthRidge. In order to help you pray more specifically, I will be posting my schedule for each day on my blog during my time away.  As you read about the location and leader, please pray for each leader, the people and churches they represent, and all the people and needs in that region of the world.  As well, please pray for God to open the right doors of opportunity, pour out His wisdom and protection, and use me and our entire team in a special way to encourage and strengthen all those we meet.  Remember the church truly is the hope of the world… when its working right!

Thanks for partnering with me on this trip through prayer!

Brad 1 Corinthians 15:58

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